State Water Board Extends Groundwater Workplan Comment Period to Dec. 18

The comment period for providing input on the State Water Board’s Groundwater Workplan has been extended to Wednesday, Dec. 18. The public now has 12 additional days to send in feedback on the draft paper, which outlines various aspects of the board’s potential groundwater management activities.

Released last month, the 10-page discussion draft presents an overarching framework for a range of issues, including monitoring and assessment, governance, oversight and enforcement, and funding.

To access the groundwater work plan, go to the State Water Resources Control’s Board’s website here. You can also download the draft paper at the link on the bottom of this page.

ACWA members may provide input directly to the State Water Board’s Eric Oppenheimer at

The State Water Board plans to discuss the input it receives as soon as January 2014.

Groundwater management in California is under increased scrutiny, and ACWA remains engaged on this issue. If you have any questions, please contact ACWA Senior Regulatory Advocate Dave Bolland at

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